Why is car insurance mandatory?

By | December 29, 2022
Why is car insurance mandatory

The double protection of mandatory car insurance

The law of February 27, 1958 created the legal obligation to insure any motor vehicle. The minimum guarantee covers all the damages you could cause while driving. It protects third parties. And, by compensating the victims on your behalf, it also protects you.

The contents of third party liability car insurance

You are legally obliged to insure your car for third parties in USA and in all European Union countries. To be valid, this insurance must cover material damages up to 457 000 dollars and bodily damages, without limits.

You must always have your insurance certificate at hand to present to the police in case of a control. Also, make sure that the sticker affixed to the windshield is up to date.

Liability coverage protects third parties

If you are responsible for a road accident, your insurer will compensate all damages suffered by the victims. The compensation of the prejudice must be integral. Everything is taken into account: protium doloires, functional deficit, aesthetic prejudice, loss of income, home help, etc.

Obviously, some cases are not covered: damage you cause to yourself or to a member of your family, and damage you intentionally cause to third parties.

Third-party insurance protects the driver

By compensating the victims on your behalf, third-party insurance also protects you.

In the event of an accident involving bodily injury, the amounts involved can quickly become astronomical. The average cost of an injured person in hospital is 135 526 dollars. There are approximately 500 claims per year with a cost of more than 1 million dollars.

If you are not insured, the CIGF (Compulsory Insurance Guarantee Fund) will compensate the victims immediately and will systematically turn against you to obtain reimbursement of the sums paid, increased by 10%.

Two other obligations for the driver

  • Possess an alcohol test in his vehicle: since the publication of a decree on March 1, 2013, every motorist is required to have an alcohol test in his vehicle. Paradoxically, the lack of possession is however not sanctioned.
  • Communicate your bonus/malus rate during a car insurance simulation: this rate is specified on your car insurance information statement, which includes your bonus/malus as well as your possible accidents and responsibilities. Without this information, the amount obtained during your simulations will of course be distorted. For your information, you should know that this statement can be consulted automatically by the insurance companies when you take out a new policy. There is no need to try to hide it.

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