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Compare car insurance in Canada in 2023

Compare car insurance in Canada, Above all else, it’s the law. Vehicle protection is a necessity for anybody who wishes to drive a vehicle in Canada. However This is lawfully commanded and far-reaching. And it ‘s also inclusion necessities for a standard vehicle insurance contract shift commonly, which will vigorously rely upon whether it’s a… Read More »

Top 10 cheapest cars to insure

If you’re shopping for a new or used car, you need to look beyond the price of your purchase and consider the total price of your new acquisition. This means knowing the price of parts and repairs, but also the price of insurance. Being well informed on these issues avoids unpleasant surprises once your purchase… Read More »

Car insurance: 12 tips to pay less

According to studies, the increase in car insurance rates should be between 1 and 2% in 2021. This upward trend has been going on for several years now. However, it is possible to lower the bill. Our tips for paying less for your car insurance. Use the competition thanks car insurance comparators Since the Hamon… Read More »

Car insurance for apprentices: what price?

Looking for learner’s car insurance? The first thing you need to know is that learner drivers are not able to buy car insurance. In fact, you must have a driver’s license to be able to purchase car insurance for yourself. Most of the time, learner drivers use their parents’ cars for practice and in this… Read More »

Why is car insurance mandatory?

The double protection of mandatory car insurance The law of February 27, 1958 created the legal obligation to insure any motor vehicle. The minimum guarantee covers all the damages you could cause while driving. It protects third parties. And, by compensating the victims on your behalf, it also protects you. The contents of third party… Read More »

Buying a car: is your car insured when it leaves the garage?

Your plan to buy a new car is coming to fruition! Everything is ready, you get it back, but one question is bothering you… Are you well insured to bring back your vehicle? Car insurance, from when ? The law is very clear: any motor vehicle must be insured. Two wheels, three wheels and immobilized… Read More »

How to buy car insurance

The law requires you to take out car insurance as soon as you take possession of your vehicle. What are the documents you need to bring? What elements must be taken into account? Here are the steps to follow when taking out your car insurance contract. Why buy car insurance? First of all, taking out… Read More »

The car insurance contract: understanding the issues

Have you just bought a new vehicle or are you looking to change your car insurance? Whatever your situation, it is important to understand all the issues involved in a car insurance contract. Much more than a simple administrative formality, this type of contract must ensure you optimal protection at the best price. Car insurance,… Read More »

Guarantees and coverage of car insurance

Insuring your vehicle is a legal obligation in USA, as it is in all European Union countries, and it is not always easy to sort out the different guarantees offered by insurers. Civil liability, bodily injury, collision, theft, glass breakage or fire… Here is all you need to know to choose a car insurance adapted… Read More »

All about the types of car insurance coverage

Do you own a car? Before you drive it, you need to buy car insurance. Do you know the factors to consider: the type of car, your driving history, the coverage you want… But have you identified all the types of coverage you can buy? The different types of car insurance coverage Here are the… Read More »