Everything you need to know about car insurance policy changes

By | December 29, 2022
Third party car insurance

Improving or reducing your car insurance coverage, adding a driver or notifying a change of address… Whatever the reason, changes to a car insurance policy can be made at any time.

A modification at the initiative of the insured… or of the insurer!

Any change of situation that may affect the insured vehicle must be notified to your insurer by sending a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. The amount of the premium may change if this change leads to a decrease or an increase of the risks.

During the course of the contract, your insurer may propose to add or remove a guarantee. You must agree to this by signing a rider for the change to be taken into account. If you refuse, your insurer must maintain your contract with the initial guarantees.

Changes in your situation that you must notify to your insurer

According to the Insurance Code, some changes in your situation must be reported to your insurer. These changes also allow you, within three months of the event, to cancel your car insurance contract.

  • A change of situation or marital status Marriage, divorce, change of marital contract…
  • A change of professional situation Retirement, cessation of activity, change of profession…
  • A change of residence Moving house

Change of car insurance contract: a good way to save money

It is advisable to review the various guarantees of your contract every year. For example, an aging vehicle, whose value has decreased, may not need the same level of coverage as a new car.

You can then ask your insurer to make an estimate of your contract with certain guarantees removed or a modification of the amount of the deductible. Does the proposed amount still seem high? Maybe it’s time to change insurers…

Reduction of risk and premium amount

Does the change notified to your insurer result in a decrease in risk for your insured vehicle? You have the right to ask for a reduction in your premium. If your insurer refuses, you can cancel your car contract.

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