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If you mean travel life insurance the answer is none they are a waste of money if you need life insurance buy it as real insurance not tied to a trip. The potential to die while on a vacation or trip is no greater then dying in your own home town so save your money
If you are talking about travel interruption insurance the best one is the cheapest one for the repayment of the vacation IF and only if the trip is not somehow refundable or advance able on its own. Cruises are known for needing insurance since if you don’t go you lose it all but flight vacations usually can be canceled and the tickets used for future travel with only a minimum loss of value (like $100)
It is all about potential lose and risk and unlike comprehensive insurance the price is king the lower the better

Broker, general agent and insurance agent: what you should know

Insurance contracts can be marketed by different insurance intermediaries: general insurance agent, insurance or reinsurance broker, insurance agent, insurance intermediary agent. These intermediaries have obligations to provide information and advice to their clients. Insurance intermediaries: brokers, agents and representatives Since April 30, 2007, all insurance intermediaries must be registered and entered in a register, including… Read More »