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Home Insurance is necessary if you are living in an independent house – i.e raw house, tenament, bunglow, kothi etc. If you are living in an apartment or housing society then you do not need a separate policy BUT you must insist as a member that the apartment or society is insured.

Another scenario where you must buy home insurance policy irrespective of society insurance is when you keep large amount of cash or jewelry or items of high intrinsic value (for eg MF Hussein painting) at home.

Home insurance package policies are fairly comprehensive and do cover most of the risks a home owner is likely to face. You can cover the civil structure, furniture, fixture, electronic / domestic equipment and so on.. virtually everything in a home except the items of intrinsic value which can be covered thru a separate policy such as Art Insurance policy or Special Contingency.

All the home insurance policies will cover the property from all the natural calamities, fire, burglary, theft etc.

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