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Health is one of the primary factors in one’s life. So it becomes very essential to maintain it to prevent oneself from future afflictions. Even after prevention, a sudden mishap may happen which may lead to an immense drain of one’s savings. Thus to minimize this burden, health insurance is brought into action. Health insurance is fabricated to impart financial assistance to the policyholder. Health insurance may include pre and post-hospitalization expenses, surgical expenses, and even ambulance and medical tests expenses. The amount may be directly transacted to the affiliated hospitals or may be reimbursed at a later time in case the hospital is not under the listed connected institutions of the plan. The policyholder in return pays a premium at regular intervals.

Broker, general agent and insurance agent: what you should know

Insurance contracts can be marketed by different insurance intermediaries: general insurance agent, insurance or reinsurance broker, insurance agent, insurance intermediary agent. These intermediaries have obligations to provide information and advice to their clients. Insurance intermediaries: brokers, agents and representatives Since April 30, 2007, all insurance intermediaries must be registered and entered in a register, including… Read More »