Carpooling Insurance: Is a special Car Insurance required?

By | December 27, 2022
Carpooling Insurance

Carpooling is a practice that is gaining more and more popularity, mainly because it allows you to reduce your daily transportation costs and improve your ecological footprint. As a driver, is it necessary to take out specific insurance to carpool? Everything you need to know, with La Matmut.

Carpooling insurance: is a special car insurance necessary?

Carpooling without requiring any compensation other than the reimbursement of expenses related to the trip (fuel, tolls) does not require specific car insurance.

The passengers of the vehicle are indeed protected by the civil liability guarantee included in the car insurance contract. This covers damage caused by the driver to a third party, which includes the vehicle’s passengers.

However, if there is no carpooling insurance as such, it is strongly advised to inform your insurance company of your activity.

Is it necessary to modify one’s car insurance contract in order to carpool ?

Adjustments are sometimes necessary to benefit from an optimal coverage when carpooling, but also to obtain a possible compensation in case of incident.

  • Check the type of trips covered by the car insurance contract
  • If carpooling concerns trips from home to work and not only trips that fall under the category of leisure, it is preferable to check your contract. An extension of coverage may indeed be necessary.
  • Change your policy (if necessary) if you regularly lend your wheel
  • If carpooling involves regular changes of drivers, make sure they are covered by the insurance contract. This may result in additional costs, but it will limit the costs you will have to pay in case of an accident caused by another driver.

The “insurance” of carpooling platforms

The platforms that put carpoolers in contact with each other often offer help and assistance services that complete and reinforce the coverage offered by the car insurance contract. These services take different forms depending on the platform and notably

  • the reimbursement of the deductible in case of a loan of the wheel,
  • the taking in charge of the vehicle in case of an incident (towing),
  • driving the driver and passengers to their destination when the vehicle is not operational,
  • Accommodation of travelers in case of forced immobilization.

If you have any questions about carpooling insurance, don’t hesitate to ask your insurance company.

What is Carpooling Meaning? Advantages and Disadvantages

Following are some advantages of carpooling:

  • Reduced carbon emission– when people start carpooling, fewer cars on the road every day, which means fewer carbons being released into the air. A reduced amount of carbon emissions will help reduce air pollution as well.
  • Reduced Traffic– Reduced number of vehicles means less traffic on the road and people will reach their destinations on time. Sitting in traffic for long hours make individuals irritated and bored. Most importantly, it delays the arrival at the destination. Lesser cars mean less traffic.
  • Allows saving– Carpooling is an excellent way to save money and time. One can save money from the costs of travelling, including the fuels of cars. Time will also be saved, as there will be less traffic.
  • Fuels costs will reduce – If the number of cars goes less on roads, the demand for fuels will also decrease, and the reduced demand will not raise the fuel prices much.
  • An opportunity to socialise – Many people who work together do not get a chance to socialise much because they do not get the time or may not get the chance to do so. Carpooling together will allow them to spend time and socialise with each other.

Following are some disadvantages of carpooling:

  • Less privacy- Some people prefer privacy while travelling. Those individuals will have to compromise with their privacy.
  • Different time requirements- Individuals who carpool together may finish works at different times or may need to reach their destination differently. It becomes a problem when carpooling.

Carpooling may be an effective way to reduce significant issues like air pollution and heavy traffic, and its advantages come with some disadvantages. It is advised to discuss those disadvantages and figure out solutions or alternative options so carpooling can happen successfully. Companies and institutions should consult with their employees/students about carpooling as an option for their travelling.


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