Car insurance for apprentices: what price?

By | December 29, 2022
Car insurance for apprentices

Looking for learner’s car insurance? The first thing you need to know is that learner drivers are not able to buy car insurance. In fact, you must have a driver’s license to be able to purchase car insurance for yourself. Most of the time, learner drivers use their parents’ cars for practice and in this case, their insurance needs to be revised.

Adding a learner driver to your insurance: what should you do?

In order for a learner to practice on their parents’ car, it is imperative that the insurance policy for the car be reviewed. As the main driver and holder of the car insurance, the parent is required by law to inform his or her insurer of any change that may increase the risk of an accident, in this case, the use of the car by a learner driver. Generally speaking, such a situation will lead the insurer to apply an increase in the insurance premium. Indeed, when the risks are increased, the insurance premium paid must be able to cover the reimbursements.

An increase in the car insurance premium is therefore possible, but it also happens that some companies review the car insurance contract without increasing the premium. It should be noted that if the child continues to use the car once he/she has obtained his/her license, the obtaining of this license will not change the price of the car insurance. He or she will still be considered a high-risk young driver for the first 3 years of their license. However, once they get their license, they are able to purchase car insurance for themselves with their own car. This will allow you to remove him from your policy and return to a normal premium rate.

An apprentice on his car insurance contract: what are the consequences?

Once you have notified your insurer of the use of your vehicle by an apprentice, and your policy has been amended, you can consider yourself legally covered. This means that any claims that the car may encounter while the learner is driving will be covered. The extent of the coverage will depend on your policy. Bodily injury or property damage caused to third parties will be covered immediately by the third party liability coverage.

As for the damages suffered by the driver and the car, their compensation depends on the other guarantees you have. On the other hand, if you do not inform your insurer and a claim occurs, you may be required to pay part of the compensation awarded to third parties. Note that it is possible to pay only a portion of the penalties due, especially if it is not a deliberate omission. It is up to the insurer to prove that you intentionally failed to inform them if they wish to obtain the full amount due.

Car insurance with a learner: how much does it cost?

Including a novice driver in your policy only adds a few Dollars to your car insurance premium. This extra cost takes into account the additional risk of adding an inexperienced driver to the coverage. However, sometimes companies do not apply a surcharge. This is more of a commercial gesture to maintain a good relationship with the primary policyholder and to retain the learner so that he or she will purchase the next car insurance policy from the same insurer.

In any case, it is always possible to benefit from a more advantageous insurance by comparing offers online. This can be done quickly and free of charge. All you have to do is describe your specific situation on the form provided and the tool will do the research for you. You will then be able to compare the rates charged by the different companies.

Best car insurance for learner drivers

You want to buy a passenger car, a non-licensed vehicle or a utility vehicle and you are trying to find the best car insurance for learner drivers?

Premiums, comprehensive insurance, third party insurance, deductible, bonus, malus, guarantees… It is necessary to understand what we are talking about before signing an insurance proposal for your car. Moreover, between all the insurance agencies of the market (Allianz, AMF, Axa,…), it is complex to know which one will be able to offer the best car insurance for learner driver.

That’s why we will describe to you everything you need to understand about the different contracts, the important guarantees and thus allow you to select the best car insurance for learner drivers.

Finally, we will reveal which of the major car insurers have the best learner’s car insurance.

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