Best learner’s car insurance – What type of insurance?

By | December 29, 2022
What type of insurance

According to the law, it is compulsory for the owner to subscribe a car insurance as soon as he owns a vehicle.

But among all the car insurance formulas, how to select the most adapted contract to your car (recent, used, powerful…) and to your needs (young, civil servant, man, woman, good driver…)?

Note that, to insure your car, most insurance companies will offer you 3 main types of car insurance contracts.

Third party insurance

The third party insurance, also called civil liability, is the minimum essential and legal insurance to drive. It covers the totality of the material or physical damages caused to a third person and/or to other cars.

However, if you are responsible for an accident, the damage caused to your vehicle will not be compensated by a third party insurance.

Third party insurance will be the cheapest insurance and may be of interest to small budgets. However, with this minimum mandatory coverage, it is advisable to take out additional guarantees.

Intermediate insurance

This formula, called “intermediate”, “third party +”, “extended third party” is the formula that lies between the third party formula and the all risks formula. It includes the civil liability guarantee but includes additional guarantees such as: theft, fire and sometimes glass breakage.

All risks insurance

This is the most protective insurance formula. It includes the same guarantees as the third party insurance combined with the intermediary insurance with the addition of compensation for all damages caused (material and physical), whatever the degree of your responsibility in the accident.

The list of guarantees of an all risk insurance varies according to the insurance companies but generally includes

  • a civil liability guarantee
  • damage coverage (compensation for damage caused by a collision, acts of vandalism, etc.)
  • theft coverage
  • fire coverage
  • glass breakage coverage
  • a guarantee of storms
  • natural disaster coverage
  • technological disaster coverage
  • a guarantee of attack and terrorism

Best car insurance for learner drivers – Deductibles

The deductible of an automobile insurance contract represents the part that remains at the expense of the insured after the compensation by the insurer.

The higher the deductible, the less you will be reimbursed. It is therefore an important element to check on the proposals before validating the contract.

Many people think that the best thing to do is to choose an insurance without deductible, but it is important to understand that insurance without deductible is really more expensive.

Of course, if you have a big accident, you will benefit from a 100% compensation, but at what price? The annual premiums are much higher and finally if you don’t have any claim or if you don’t suffer much damage, you will have paid much more every year for nothing…

Attention: Some all risk insurances called “without deductible” foresee guarantees where nevertheless a deductible will be applied…

Depending on the insurance company, not all guarantees have deductibles. It is therefore an element to be checked on a case by case basis and that we will sometimes negotiate downwards…

Best car insurance for learner driver – Bonus Malus

How does the Bonus Malus work?

The bonus and malus clause allows the insurer to apply a reduction or an increase of the car insurance premium according to the number of accidents you have had and for which you are responsible. It is applied annually and is reflected in the price of your annual premium.

A year of insurance without any claim will allow you to increase your bonus. On the other hand, if you declare one or more claims during the year, the insurer will apply a malus to you.

This reduction coefficient is applied to the reference premium calculated by the insurance company when you take out the policy.

Thus, if you have a bonus, the annual premium will be less than the reference premium and if you have a malus, your annual premium will be more expensive.

Which insurer for a high malus?

To find a car insurance when you have a high malus, you will have to use an online insurance comparator. This way, in a few seconds, you will get quotes adapted to your particular case and your profile.

Nevertheless, various drivers with a fairly high malus can encounter difficulties in taking out a contract because insurance companies do not want to take too many risks with “bad” drivers.

If, in this regard, you find yourself without a car insurance policy despite your requests, you can contact the Central Pricing Bureau (CPB) free of charge. This is an independent authority that will evaluate the amount of the insurance premium. Then, when you choose an insurer, that insurer will have to accept the rates imposed by the BCT for your policy.

Choosing the best learner’s car insurance

All insurers have different contracts, guarantees, deductibles and tariffs which will also vary according to the profile of the driver, the type of vehicle, etc… And even if it is possible to ask directly to the insurers for proposals, it is very difficult if not impossible to make comparisons yourself…

The only way to compare the multiple offers of the insurers is to use an insurance comparator. The only way to compare the many offers of the insurers is to use an insurance comparator. In fact, the comparator will go through all the insurance offers of the main insurers for your car and according to your situation to select only the best offers.

After filling in an online questionnaire, the insurance comparator will send you 4 or 5 offers. Then you will have to choose between :

  • Receive the quotes by email;
  • Request an appointment to be advised directly by the insurer;
  • Subscribe directly online after a redirection on the website of the insurer.

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